Published on 14 Feb 2023

I’m tired of seeking out approaches and strategies for survival; tired of the talismans and tactics of enduring the constant apocalypse all around. I know that sound. Have lived enough of it to be over it. 

The thing no one tells you about the end of the world, is that it just keeps on ending. Leaning into a tighter spiral; repetitious ruins and I want more than to simply survive and endure this apocalypse.

Apocalypse at its epistemic core means to uncover; to reveal. Colonialism would have you think it means the end of the world. The end of ends. But whose end, I ask you? Certainly not mine. Not the end of those of us in community against white supremacy. Not the end of prison abolition. Not the end of anti-capitalism. No. I’m tired of acting like this apocalypse has anything to do with the ending of the things I hold most close. Perhaps that’s the under-cover truth to this whole apocalypse ruse. It’s the end of the colonizer’s world. It’s the end of white-jesus. It’s the end of borders. It’s the end of capitalism. It’s the end of white supremacy. I have no reason to fear the end of “this” world.

So let it be revealed. 

I am most interested in what arrives after. I want to dream of far/future flora and fauna; the architectures and landscapes of liberation; the poetry of living. Not just surviving. What is the sound of a full life beyond these imaginary citadels of borders and capital and suffering. 

What are the means without the production. What if we killed the capitalists in our hearts? What if we got rid of the kkkops once and for all. What are the permaculture micro-grid blossoms & hymns beyond this time and place?

I want to experience that reach beyond the end of the world. I want to feel and know it for myself in the same way I come to know all things in this reality. 

Through poetry. 

The poetry that exists after apocalypse; the language that’s grown out of liberation;  out of the ruins of our enemies. What becomes of the after? 

-Angel Dominguez for Elderly


  • Hannah Kezema
  • stevie redwood
  • Daniel Talamantes
  • Marwa Helal
  • S*an D. Henry Smith
  • Anthony Cody
  • Joey de Jesus
  • Jzl Jmz

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